Thursday, August 3, 2017

Aerosol container

To produce an aerosol container that was light and relatively inexpensive tin-plated steel was used for aerosol containers. The container also may be constructed of aluminum or coated aluminium (to prevent interaction with the product).

Other materials have been employed including glass, plastic-coated glass and polycarbonate. The tin-plate aerosol can is a 3-piece can with atop a bottom and the body all seamed together.

To keep all the particles squashed together and inside the small container, it is necessary to push hard and to keep pushing hard. The particles still have all the energy they had before and so they move around lot and hit the sides of the container with a lot of force.
This hitting of the particles against the wall of the container means that there is a pressure from the container pushing outwards all the time.
Aerosol container
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