Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Glass packaging labelling

The label is very important for the brand identity of a product, providing immediate visual recognition. Increasingly, packaging differentiation is the tool relied upon to catch the consumer’s attention where it really counts: at the point of sale.

Label represents a medium of visual communication which allows customers to get all the necessary information on the product, i.e. the information that encourages them to purchase.

For wine labeling, pressure sensitive label stock is uniquely able to deliver the complex, high-quality print and die-cutting that the market demands.

Since it is a product placed on the shelves in the store, the manufacturer can communicate with the customer exclusively through the visual display – the label. The label is a part of the packaging where the manufacturer should, by means of graphic elements, unite legally prescribed information with design elements that in a psychological way reach the customer's consciousness and encourage admiration.

It is important to consider the size of the label relative to the size of application pads  used. There are label width and height limitations dependent on factors such as  the nature of the label face material, the shape and the size of the bottle, and the  application system used.
Glass packaging labeling
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