Thursday, October 25, 2018

Industrial package

These packages are generally heavier with little attempt to make them appealing to the eyes. Industrial packaging is use in a range of industry sectors, including chemicals, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, coatings and resins. This type of package also includes machinery and heavy equipment.

Sometimes industrial packaging refers to package manufacturing industries. It is generally used to transfer goods to the next point of production.

Characteristics of industrial package:
*Safe delivery of the product in handling and shipping. Safety procedures and measures become important since very large amounts of products are being transported.
*Permits economical movement and easy storage, informing critical factors, quantity and cubage
*Economical preparation of the product of handling and shipping-packing, reinforcing, bundling, unitizing
*Opening, closing, unpacking, releasing, reusing
*To identify the product, to provide instruction for use, protecting, handling, routing for merchandising. Printed carton box physically protects the product, informs the consumer about the product and affects the purchasing decision of the consumer.
Industrial package
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