Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The advantages of metal containers

Metal packages are widely used in food and beverage market segment because of cost effectiveness, durability and protection of the content.

Metal packing provides adequate protection for food and cosmetic products. When used for the packaging of food, metal is often in competition not only with other materials but also with other preservation processes and systems, such as aseptically filled cartons, freezing and so on.

Some advantages of metal packaging are:
*Good mechanical strength and relatively unbreakable

*Offer the best hermetic sealing

*Better barrier properties. They are impervious to moisture vapor, gases, odors and bacteria.

*They have good thermal conductivity and resistance to relatively high temperature. Ability to withstand high food processing and filling temperature

*Provide ideal surface for decoration

*Metal packaging is highly recyclable, in both physical and economic terms

Metal containers are available in a variety of shapes sizes and styles ranging from small from elongated collapsible tubes and shallow drawn containers to large built-up containers including steel drums of up to 110 gallon capacity.
The advantages of metal containers

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