Saturday, June 3, 2017

What are the advantages of vacuum packaging?

Vacuum packaging is an old and widespread technique, applied to a variety of foods. Vacuum packaging is the most frequently used packaging method and distribution of chilled primal or wholesale cuts of beef. Its main objective is to prevent oxidation reactions, such as lipid oxidation, loss certain vitamins, oxidative browning, loss of pigments etc.
Vacuum-packed cuts are easy to handle and provided adequate care is taken, the method is relatively trouble free.

Other advantages of using vacuum packing for cooked products should include the partial or complete inhibition of growth and proliferation of aerobic microorganisms.

There are substantially economic in transporting and storing beef as boneless joints rather than as quarters or sides.

Vacuum packaging also allows individuals cuts to be aged without weight loss, during which meats tenderness and eating quality characteristics are improved. Given tight control of all other parameters in the production and storage prices is the potential for longer shelf-life.

In terms of liquid products it is no or low-risk of post-pasteurization contamination if packing with vacuum packaging.

By using vacuum packing it inhibits or slowing of deleterious oxidative reactions in the food during shortage due to the oxygen barrier properties of the packaging material.
What are the advantages of vacuum packaging?
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