Monday, May 8, 2017

Collapsible aluminum tube

First collapsible tube forerunner of toothpaste and shaving cream containers, was patented in 1841, Collapsible aluminum tunes, however weren’t made in America until 1920.
The collapsible tube, be they aluminum, plastic or laminate is a most unique package allowing the user ease of dispensing and where necessary, application of product directly to the area of use.
Aluminum work-hardens when it is formed into a tube, and must be annealed to give it the necessary pliability.

The tube is a perfect package for viscous products such as dentifrice, pharmaceuticals creams and ointments, cosmetic creams and gels and household and industrial products.

The aluminum tube fitted with a hollow handled plastic spoon, which can be attached to the neck of the tube, should make a desirable and convenient package for feeding infants or bedridden patients.
Collapsible aluminum tube
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