Thursday, April 20, 2017

Edible film and coating

Edible films and coatings (such as wax on various fruits) are thin layers of edible materials applied on food products that play an important role on their conservation, distribution and marketing.

In most cases, the terms film and coating are used interchangeably to indicate that they surface of food is covered by relatively thin layer of material of certain composition.
They have been used for centuries to protect the product from mechanical damage, physical, chemical and microbiological activities. Edible film and coatings offer potential to extend the shelf life and improve the quality of virtually any food system.

These practices were accepted long before their associated chemistries were understood and are still carried out in the present day.

Edible film and coatings can control moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide, flavor and aroma transfer between food components and the atmosphere surrounding the food.
Edible film and coating
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