Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Draw and redraw of can manufacture

There are essentially two methods for manufacturing two-piece cans:
*Drawn and wall-ironed, sometimes called drawn and ironed

Drawing or draw redraw is mainly but not exclusively, used for manufacturing shallow cans with use of tinplate, TFS or aluminium. Some tall cans are made from steel with use of this process; examples are 0.5 kg cans in Europe and tall tapered cans, for salmon, made in the USA.

Draw and redraw can technology involves cutting a blank from a previously lacquered sheet, drawing the blank through a die, thus forming a cup, and redrawing the cup to form a can of desired height and diameter.

These operations are typically performed on a press. In this process, the punch-die clearance is always at least as great as the thickness of the ingoing material. This technology is largely used in the packaging of fruits, vegetables, baby foods and soups and prepared foods dispense from vending machines.
Draw and redraw of can manufacture
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