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Invention of two piece aluminium cans by Coors Brewery

The 1950s was the era of tuna casseroles and tinned soup; cooking dinner for the family form canned and packaged food was a hallmark of the suburban lifestyle, and a can opener was an essential tool in the modern kitchen.

The first canned beer was sold in Richmond, Virginia, in January 1935 when G. Krueger Brewing Company of Newark, New Jersey and American Can cooperatively released the new 12 fluid ounce package.

When Coors Brewery of Golden Colorado made the first two-piece aluminium can, nearly all beverage cans, as well as many similar types of food containers, are manufactured through the operation known as drawing and ironing, sometimes referred to as D&I process. It was first marketed by Coors Brewing in 1959 via an association with ‘Primo’ a Hawaiian brewery.

Beverage cans for soft drinks and beer are called ‘two piece’ cans because the complete container actually consists of two separate portions. Coors company was founded in Colorado by Adolph Coors, a German immigrant who left the Old World in hopes of one day owning his own brewery.

The Coors Company, held the rights to the production of this new liquid container, but rather than produced cans for the entire market’s demand, Coors Container Co. sold the patent to other packaging production companies including Continental Can Co. and American Can Co.

Then Coors Brewing Company attracted a cult following by selling beer in seven-ounce aluminium cans, instead of conventional twelve ounce settee cans.
Invention of two piece aluminium cans by Coors Brewery

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