Monday, July 18, 2016

Food packaging functions: Information

In general, packaging is considered to provide the major functions, containment, protection, utility and convenience, communication and information and machinability.

Packaging provides the ideal (and often the only) means of delivering valuable information to anyone engaged in handling the product, as well as the final consumer.

There is a need for information on the identity of the product, its weight/volume, destination and handling and possibly unpacking/repacking instructions and such information must be easy to locate and understand. Among important information need to be on the packaging are:
*Product identification and quantity
*List of ingredients
*Product preparation and use
*Storage data and expiry date
*Legal and safety requirements
*Address of the responsible body
*Opening instructions

Packaging provides an interface for communication between consumers and manufacturers. In addition, packaging can serve as an marketing tool, and is referred to as the ‘silent salesman’. The purchasing desire of a consumer can be boosted by the package design and the information it provides.
Food packaging functions: Information 

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